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VermiHut Set

VermiHut 3 Tiers

S$280, Inclusive of 500g Malaysian Blue Worms.

Free Home Set Up & Free Delivery!

  • Suitable for HDB, Apartments and Landed Property
  • 3-tier system for efficient waste recycling
  • Simple to use design
  • Odorless and clean, suitable for all homes
  • Designed for easy harvesting of worm castings and worm tea (leachate)
  • Able to house up to 5kg / 1500-2000 composting worms
  • Keeps pests and insects away
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm and height 46cm when assembled
  • Available in Black, Biege or Red Colour


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Malaysian Blue Worms (500g)

Worm Factory


Free Delivery Islandwide!

  • Suitable for Singapore climates and HDB homes
  • Compose any waste into fertilzers/worm castings!
  • Newspapers, vegetable/fruit peels, leaves,tea bags etc
  • Approximately 400 composting worms


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Organic Vermicasting 2.5l
Blue Composting Worms


Self pickup – No minimum order

Free Delivery –
Minimum order of S$150

  • 100% organic fertilizer
  • Earthworm’s humus compost


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The most commonly used worm composters today in Asia are the blue worms, also called Perionyx excavates. These blue worms, known as Malaysian blue worms or Indian blue worms are more suited for warmer climates in tropic areas rather than in temperate countries, especially during the winter months of Europe or North America. As you could gather from the names, blue worms are commonly found in Asian countries like Malaysia, India, Australia, Singapore and other South East Asian Countries. They are longer and bigger than their Red Wigglers cousins and handle the composting job as effectively, if not more so, than the red worms.


The next most common and popular vermicomposters are the Red Wigglers, also known as Eisenia foetida or Eisenia andrei. In many parts of the world, this species or red worms will be the easiest to find, and is widely used both by home gardeners and even on a commercial scale basis. If you know more about the Red Wigglers, the reason should be obvious. Red Wigglers are one of the best worm composters because they can live in a variety of conditions and can suit a fairly wide range of temperature. Whether you are in cold climates like US or in tropical countries like Asian countries, the Red Wigglers will serve its purpose well.


Which ever breed of composting worms you use, to house these super worm composters, it is certainly advisable to use the Can-O-Worms composter system. This user-friendly worm composting system can get you started on the composting process immediately without much hassle. The Can-O-Worms composter is made of plastic and has a three tier stackable system to continually add food and organic waste to it. Start by filling the bottom tier with organic matter and watch as your composting worms eat their way up the worm bin, leaving their precious castings behind for you to harvest easily.


If you have just started on this hobby, you may prefer making a home-made worm bin to house your worm composters. A self-made worm bin is actually very easy to make. (Find out more on how to make a worm bin here.) Find a suitable container with surface area of at least 2 ft by 1ft, and 1ft in depth. Most containers from your neighborhood DIY store should do the trick. Drill holes all around the container, including the bottom so that air can circulate around the bin. Fill it with bedding, add your worms and you are on to this wonderful eco friendly hobby! You can also purchase just the Malaysian blue worms from us if you are doing a DIY method here!